We talk a lot about subluxations at Higher Health Chiropractic and how they cause inflammation and dysfunction throughout the body. A subluxation means less than a dislocation but is when one or more of the spinal bones shift out of place, putting pressure on the nerves and tissues surrounding them.

The nervous system is the one system that is in charge of every other system of the body, telling it what to do, how to function, and how to heal when something is wrong. When it is working optimally and is free of subluxation it results in ease, health, adaptability, and healing. When the nervous system is subluxated it means the body’s communication is compromised. This causes dis-ease, inflammation, pain, compounding stress, and a cycle of dysfunction. The implications can be far reaching and devastating. There is no limit to the damage that subluxations can cause.

There are three things that cause subluxations in the spine, at Higher Health Chiropractic we call them the 3T’s, and they are thoughts, traumas, and toxins.


The Three

Our thoughts impact the health of our nervous system and can account for at least 80% of all subluxations!

When we talk about thoughts causing emotional stress and leading to subluxations, we are referring to negative self-talk, difficult relationship dynamics, and the constant to-do list in your head.

Knowing this, at Higher Health Chiropractic we believe it is worthwhile to work towards adopting a healthy mindset.


The Three

Toxins can be things we are putting in our bodies, on our bodies, or medications. Trying to reduce our family’s exposure to toxins can feel like an impossible feat. It seems like every day there is a new household item that has been proven to cause cancer or be toxic in some way or another.

At Higher Health Chiropractic, we want to help! Not only would we love to be a resource for you as you seek to decrease your family’s exposure to toxins,  but when the nervous system and the body is functioning optimally through Chiropractic care, the body is better able to adapt to the stressors and toxins we encounter every day.


The Three

We might think that traumas causing subluxations would mostly be from macro traumas: car accidents, falls, and slipping on the ice, as the main cause of injury to the system.

While macro traumas certainly cause subluxations, there is another category of trauma called micro traumas.

Micro-traumas, which are repetitive or stressful movements, can be anything from a runner’s pounding feet on the pavement, to how we sleep, answer our phones, sit at our desk, or how a golfer swings her club!

Ultimately micro traumas are concerning how we hold our body, and if it is supporting a neutral state or building stress in the system. The impact of both kinds of traumas are absorbed by our nervous system and when left uncorrected can lead to malfunction in the body and even chronic disease.

At Higher Health Chiropractic we are able to make a specific scientific adjustment to the bones of the spine and realign them, taking pressure off of the nerves and correcting subluxations. Through regular adjustments, Principled Chiropractic Care is able to restore proper communication to the systems of the body and can be a big step towards healing the damage caused by subluxations.

We believe your body is meant to thrive. Let us help reduce the subluxations that thoughts, traumas, and toxins can cause in the body. 

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