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How to Deal with Overstimulation

How to Deal with Overstimulation It is summer time in Michigan and WOW our State is beautiful this time of year! As we try to soak up the goodness with our kids, many of us are realizing a long hot, sticky day of fun plans and mosquitos is a recipe for overstimulation and meltdowns. Sound familiar? If you have a young child between the ages of 2-5 or older kiddos who [...]

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What Are The Best Sleeping Positions?

What is the best way to sleep?   One of the questions we get asked most by patients in our office is “what is the best way to sleep to promote a healthy nervous system?” Read on if you want to know the answer! There are three things that cause subluxations in the spine, making communication break down between the nervous system and the other systems of the body. We call these [...]

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Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Air Quality

There are 3 things that cause subluxations in the spine. We call them the 3 T’s: thoughts, traumas, and toxins!  The first way to help protect our body from subluxations due to toxins is to increase our body’s adaptability to toxins through principled chiropractic care & chiropractic adjustments. The second is to reduce our exposure to toxins by making conscious lifestyle changes. Today we are going to discuss the latter and talk [...]

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The Truth About Birth Trauma

Birth trauma can happen regardless of the type of birth that brought the baby into the world, and is vastly under publicized and under treated. In a recent study 1,250 newborns were examined within the first 5 days of life (most being within the first 24 hours). https://foundationswell.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/TheTraumaofBirth.pdf They found that 90% of babies suffered some type of birth trauma resulting in strain through the neck or cranial areas. 10% of babies [...]

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How Our Thoughts Impact Our Health

Did you know that emotional stress aka thoughts if you go by the 3Ts (Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins), is responsible for at least 80% of subluxations? It’s true! That is why we spend so much time talking about the power of positive thinking in this space, because science confirms that our thoughts and our words are powerful! At Higher Health we are all about helping our practice members rewire their brains and bodies [...]

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The Three T’s of Subluxation

We talk a lot about subluxations at Higher Health Chiropractic and how they cause inflammation and dysfunction throughout the body. A subluxation means less than a dislocation but is when one or more of the spinal bones shift out of place, putting pressure on the nerves and tissues surrounding them. The nervous system is the one system that is in charge of every other system of the body, telling it what [...]

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