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Helping West Michigan Families Take Back Control of Their Health

World class doctors specializing in pregnancy, pediatrics & family chiropractic care. Experience why we’ve become the largest chiropractic office in the United States.

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The Higher Health Experience

Discover the Root Cause of the Problem • Find Community with Like-Minded People • Feel Empowered to Make Better Healthcare Decisions

Chiropractor Wyoming MI

Is Your Health Keeping You From Things You Have To Do, Want To Do & Love To Do?

Are you frustrated that pain is keeping you from your purpose driven life?

Do you feel lost, knowing there's a better way to live?

Are you exhausted searching for answers and confused why you can't get them?

Do you want results from a doctor that can support your entire family?

Are you ready to take back control of your health and confidently lead your family to better health?

Hear From Patients Just Like You

Driven By Faith

“I’m SO grateful! As a skeptical RN, learning about the importance of chiropractic care and how our spine is connected to everything — HHC is so great at educating patients before committing to a care plan. Our family has loved Higher Health for five years – it’s been a great help especially during and after pregnancy, and for our child who has hardly been sick in her three years of life! We are so grateful for preventative care like this!”

Megan D.

Proven By Results

“Being a patient at Higher Health has been a life-changing experience for me!  My back problems were debilitating when I began 9 years ago.  I am now at full capacity, and I have been for years.  Also, my immune system is amazing, I never get sick even when everyone around me is.  It’s the most wonderful place to be!

Jodi H.

Extraordinary Experience

“HHC has been the best decision of my life! My son is almost 10 and I can’t remember a day that I was free of back pain, until recently. I’m waking up everyday with less and less pain. My back doesn’t spasm anymore, and for the first time ever in my son and youngest daughters lives I was able to go swimming with them for hours without pain. My kids are everything to me, and to be able to play with them again is a dream come true.”

Kristina D.


The Higher Health Experience


We recognize the importance of being proactive rather than reacting to symptoms. Addressing the root cause of discomfort results in holistic health outcomes and prevents future illness and injury.

Extraordinary Community

Each visit to our clinic is not just a healthcare appointment. As a beloved part of our community we’re dedicated to guiding you through the transformative journey of elevating your health and well-being.


Your time is your greatest resource.  We use innovative chiropractic techniques and evidence-based practices to deliver impactful results, so you can spend more time living and less time in pain.


Higher Health Chiropractic Can Help
All Types of Conditions & People

Low Back Pain Treatment Near Me In Wyoming, MI. Chiropractor For Low Back Pain Relief.
Low Back Pain
Colic Treatment Near Me In Wyoming, MI. Pediatric Chiropractor For Colic Relief.
Pediatric Chiropractor For Bed Wetting Issues In Children Near Me In Wyoming, MI.
Dr. Erik Kowalke Chiropractor In Wyoming, MI - Higher Health Chiropractic

Families Serving Families

If your family is anything like ours, you want your precious time together to be abundant and joyful.  We recognize the struggles families face when it comes to low energy, the feeling of being stuck in a cycle of suffering, and the helplessness of not knowing where to seek help.  As the leader of your family, the burden of making sure everyone is healthy and happy is heavy.

We opened our doors not to create a clinic, but to foster a community committed to empower and support you to make the best health decisions for your family.  By focusing on proactive care, we aim to help you and your family not only overcome current health challenges but also prevent future issues, creating a foundation for a thriving and resilient family life.

Meet Dr. Erik & His Family

Dr. Marc



Operations Manager

Dr. Michele


Dr. Katie


Dr. Will


Dr. John


What Makes Higher Health Chiropractic So Different?

Our healthcare system is broken.  The medical merry-go-round is exhausting and leaves us confused, frustrated, and still sick.  We want to change the healthcare system – healing takes place from the “inside- out,” and that begins with a healthy nervous system!

Sick care is not healthcare.  Rather than reacting to each new symptom, ache, or pain, we take a proactive approach, optimizing the nervous system so families can be on the offensive when it comes to illness and injury.  A healthy nervous system ensures every cell, tissue, bone, muscle, and organ are performing at their best.

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We all know there’s a better way to live our lives, but the medical culture likes to keep us in dark, wandering around lost and confused as we search for answers.  At Higher Health chiropractic, we’ve created a well-educated community who understand how to foster optimal health and well-being.  Our chiropractors walk alongside each patient, providing them with those elusive answers and supporting them to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

We were fearfully and wonderfully made.  God gave us one body, a temple.  Our mission is to serve Him by serving the families of our community, helping them reach their God-given health potential through specific, scientific chiropractic care, so they can live a healthy, happy, drug-free life!

Best Pediatric Chiropractor For Kids Near Me in Wyoming, MI - Higher Health

Discover How Higher Health Helps People

Take Back Control Of Their Family’s Health

Driven by Faith, Proven by Results

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How the Better Results Faster Plan Works


The real problem is not your symptoms; it’s how those symptoms are affecting your life.

You don’t feel the way you want to feel.
You can’t do the things you have to do.
You can’t do the things you want to do.

Our focus is on the impact that subluxation and your symptoms are having on your daily life, what they’re preventing you from doing, and who they’re preventing you from being.


Our shared goal is to guide you towards optimal health and well-being, ensuring you not only get relief from immediate symptoms but also regain the ability to carry out essential tasks and eventually return to the activities you love. It’s about reclaiming your life so you can embrace your God-given potential.


Our chiropractic care serves as a navigational tool, guiding you through your journey from where you are today – experiencing discomfort, limitations, and frustration – to where you want to go – a life free from pain, where you can engage in your daily activities and pursue your passions.


The plan we create together is a reflection of our dedication to your health journey.  It will be straightforward and aligned with your goals, ensuring a clear and direct path to wellness. With our dedication and your commitment the potential to thrive is limitless.

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Discover How Torque Release Technique Helps People In All Stages Of Life


What Could Not Fixing Your Problem Cost, Now & In The Future?

You have two choices, you can move towards health or away from it.  We want you to be pain-free and symptom-free so that you can live the vibrant life you were meant to.  By optimizing your nervous system and equipping you to make better health decisions, the potential for your future is immeasurable.

Ignoring your health problems can lead to a progression of the condition, making it harder to care for.  This doesn’t just increase the costs of your medical bills, it costs you time, energy, and joy.  You can lose productive time at work, quality time with family, and miss out on doing the things you want, love, and need to do.

No heartache is worth that, when a natural, non-invasive healing option is available.  If you’re searching for a place to feel cared for and supported, we’re here to help you transform your health and your life.


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Best Pediatric Chiropractor For Kids Near Me in Wyoming, MI - Higher Health Chiropractic

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