Severe Back Pain and TMJ

“I came into Higher Health Chiropractic with a walker and a cane. When I came in for my 4th visit, I walked in without my walker and cane. I mowed the yard for the first time in 4 years this spring. Coming to Higher Health Chiropractic has given back my quality of life”

Allergies, Stomach Issues, Numbness

“For the first time I understood what chiropractic actually does. I am a lot more mobile than I previously was!”

Knee Pain and Allergies

“I’m sitting straighter because I’m not constrained by pain. We have both noticed the absence of pain and discomfort. We would recommend Higher Health Chiropractic for the care AND support for the community that they show!”

Low Back Pain

“The results for me were just amazing.”

Anxiety and Depression

“I’ve noticed that my depression is a lot better since starting care. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone regardless of what you are going through. It is a friendly environment to walk into.”

Arthritis and Lower Back Pain

“I’ve had extremely itchy ears for 11 years and in the last month my ears have stopped itching.”

Chiropractic for Kids

“I love it because it is kid-friendly. I think everybody should get adjusted!”

Migraines, Insomnia, & Acne

“When I started Chiropractic care it was amazing, my acne cleared up very shortly! People comment on what great posture I have and I know that’s because of Chiropractic care.”


“I’ve been coming to Higher Health for 2 years. I had been taking allergy medication and using an inhaler since I was 11. I am not happy to say it has been 2 years now since I have used either of those.”

Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Headaches, and Asthma

“My back pain was gone. I no longer needed an inhaler when I worked out. I no longer had any form of exercise-induced asthma when working out after starting Chiropractic care.”

Acid Reflux & Difficulty Standing and Sitting

“I had been taking medication for Acid Reflux for a long time, after chiropractic treatment I don’t take it at all anymore.”

Scoliosis, Torticollis, Sleeping Difficulty

“My daughter does not have torticollis or acid reflux anymore.”

Daily Discomfort

“My discomfort has improved dramatically. The office is beautiful and they are very welcoming and professional.”

Arm Pain and Rib Pain

“The office staff is very helpful and attentive. They know who I am every time I come in. My arm pain is completely gone and I enjoy not being in constant pain anymore.”

Inactivity Due to Pain

“I feel like I will have a long relationship with Higher Health and I am proud of it. The staff is just like family!”

Allergies, Hip Pain, and Anxiety

“I didn’t realize that Chiropractic care would help my allergies and anxiety-like it did. I was amazed and shocked when we saw our X-rays.”

ADHD, Mobility

“From a healthcare and medical perspective, everything made perfect sense. With no medication, his behavior was perfect!”

Bedwetting, Focus

“I love the educational process in the office. The kids are excited to come to the office. Her bed wetting issues went away!”


“It was such a blessing during my entire pregnancy. Our bodies work naturally and were designed to work really well. My baby was checked for the first time at 8 days old and has never had any ear infections.”

Sciatica, Insomnia, Ear Infections

“Since I’ve been treated by Torque Release Technique Ive had almost no Sciatica or insomnia. We’ve seen a lot of benefits for our kids being under care”

Neck Pain, Tailbone Pain, and Migraines

“The medicine I was taking wasn’t a fix, it was a band-aide. I knew I needed to do something different. Chiropractic care has changed our lives! They care about us not just as patients but also as people.”

Back and Shoulder Pain

“I had been dealing with issues for 15 years. I didn’t feel like I had much hope but I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be. I am no longer walking with the cane that I’ve used for 15 years.”


“I was impressed by the number of patients at Higher Health Chiropractic. As soon as I started at Higher Health Chiropractic, I saw immediate relief and am ecstatic to have found help.”

Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

“We have seen tremendous results. I wake up every morning pain-free! I think everybody in this world should see a chiropractor.”

Back Pain, Scoliosis, and Headaches

“Everyone is so friendly and it brightens my day” My daughter is standing taller and looking straighter and her headaches are less frequent. They didn’t just stick her in a brace and say, see you in 6 months. They said no, we are going to help you.”

Migraines and Shoulder Pain

“I feel young again. I am now able to do my job again.”


“Headaches interfered with my ability to work, exercise and enjoy the weekends.”

Headaches and Shoulder Pain

“We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in overall health.”

Leg Pain, Hip Pain, and Headaches

“I was limping and not walking correctly before care.”

Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

“My kids are excited to come in and get adjusted, I don’t have to fight them to go into the office because they look forward to it.”

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Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories



“I love this practice so much! They have helped me physically, emotionally, and financially to reach my health goals. I will keep coming back and recommend them to everyone who will listen!”

- Erinn H

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“This place is by far the best chiropractor I've ever been too!!! They are friendly, caring, and accommodating! I would recommend this place to anyone!”

- Elizabeth W

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“After 2 years of consistent chiropractic care at Higher Health, I can't say enough about my positive experience. I went in for tailbone pain after a fall and have come away with a huge improvement in my overall health! No more migraines, no more upper and lower back pain, significant improvement in memory recall, better posture, and oh yeah...no more tailbone pain!”

- Maureen P

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“Our family has been going to Higher Health for 4 years! We have all experienced benefits like fewer sickness, more mobility, shorter/fewer colds. The list goes on and on. The doctors truly care about your health. Love this place!”

- April S

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“I've been going for a back injury and have noticed tremendous improvement in my flexibility and overall aches and pains. Their attention to adjusting for my immune system seemed to help with colds that would otherwise last for weeks. Their team is personable, professional, and have a genuine desire to help. My only qualm is that I didn't come sooner.”

- Sarah C

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Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories