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Pediatric Chiropractor For Kids in Wyoming, MI

Chiropractic neither adds to nor takes from anything in the body in order to achieve results. By reducing the damaging effects of vertebral subluxation, chiropractic adjustments allow the body to recover, naturally, without the unnecessary side effects.

If conservative medical management and chiropractic adjustments are both found to be equally effective, ask yourself which option causes less detrimental side effects along the way, and choose accordingly.

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How The Higher Health Process Works

1. Problem

The real problem is not your symptoms; it’s how those symptoms are affecting your life. Our focus is on the impact that subluxation and your symptoms are having on your daily life, what they’re preventing you from doing, and who they’re preventing you from being.

2. Goal

Our shared goal is to guide you towards optimal health and well-being, ensuring you not only get relief from immediate symptoms but also regain the ability to carry out essential tasks and eventually return to the activities you love. It’s about reclaiming your life so you can embrace your God-given potential.

3. Path

Our chiropractic care serves as a navigational tool, guiding you through your journey from where you are today – experiencing discomfort, limitations, and frustration – to where you want to go – a life free from pain, where you can engage in your daily activities and pursue your passions.

4. Plan

The plan we create together is a reflection of our dedication to your health journey. It will be straightforward and aligned with your goals, ensuring a clear and direct path to wellness. With our dedication and your commitment the potential to thrive is limitless.

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Greg Nemecek
Greg Nemecek
Meeting doctor John was a genuine experience. I truly appreciate his passion for helping people move the ‘dis’ out of their disability. My circumstance , although not as severe as some, was truly removing me from participating in my everyday life. After the very first visit there was a noticeable change. Thank you so much for getting me on the path to healing.
Laura Wade
Laura Wade
Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and caring.
cindy jones
cindy jones
Great care by doctor Michelle and Dr Jon.i have improved alot. I like the jenison location!!!
Mary Lou Wilkins
Mary Lou Wilkins
All of the above
Jane Buxton
Jane Buxton
Friendly , Knowledgeable, efficient
Kim Looman
Kim Looman
We brought our daughter here a few months ago after trying multiple ways to help relieve the daily headaches she was getting as the result of a concussion three months prior. Within a few weeks she complained of less headaches. She has been headache free for a few months now and we are very grateful!!
rick goodwin
rick goodwin
over the years brought me from a physical wreck to feeling like in am in 0ne piece again.. Always keeping me in better shape
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What Health Concerns Do Your Kids Have?

Chiropractic Care is needed for children now more than ever:

  • Pediatric back pain is far more prevalent than it was a decade ago.
  • Backpacks are too heavy for their size in 30-54% of students.
  • Headaches in children during any given school year may be as high as 80-90%.
  • Bedwetting occurs in 20% of all 4-5 year-olds and persists in 7% of 8 year-olds.
  • Asthma occurs in 7% of American children, appearing in the first year of life in 30% of these infants and 50% before age 2.
  • Ear Infections account for 35% of all pediatrician visits. Most common medical treatments have been shown to be inadequate.
Dr. Michele Lucassian, Chiropractor at Higher Health Chiropractic in Wyoming, MI

Why Are Kids Getting So Sick So Early?

All children must undergo two primary insults to their musculoskeletal system very early in life, the first is coming through the birth canal; the second is going from crawling to walking. The pressure placed upon the brain stem in the former and on the rest of the spine in the latter has huge detrimental effects on a neurological level.

The development of early nuerological impairments known as subluxations are placing undue stress and strain on the other systems (such as tympanic, urinary,and respiratory) of the body.

Subluxations And Trauma

The pressure on the nervous system is known as a vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxations are the result of nuerological trauma and have negative effects on almost every tissue in the body. They cause an inflammatory response that can interfere with normal physiology, biochemistry, and function of otherwise healthy tissue. The subluxation can be a factor in the development of many common childhood conditions.

Chiropractors have successfully helped children with the following:

  • Ear infections
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Colic
  • Asthma
  • Acid reflux
  • Allergies
  • Torticollis
  • Learning disabilities
  • Bedwetting
  • And many other problems

If Your Child Is Suffering From Or Has Been Diagnosed With Any Of The Following Childhood Conditions, We Can Help

  • ODD
  • SPD
  • Bedwetting
  • Collic
  • Troubles sleeping Torticollis
  • Behavioral Challenge and so much more!!
  • Chronic Ear Infections Immunity Challenges Frequent Infections Asthma

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