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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Wyoming, MI

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic is becoming more commonplace for women who seek the healthiest, happiest pregnancies possible!

Why is chiropractic care important during my pregnancy?

Throughout the course of your pregnancy there will be many physiological and hormonal changes as your body prepares for the birth of your baby. This can be one of the most exciting seasons of your life, but it will bring some significant changes to your body and your health! As baby grows, your center of gravity moves forward increasing the low back curve and placing extra strain through the lower spine and hips. The hormone relaxin loosens joints, increasing mobility and decreasing stability which creates aggravation of previous joint injuries and amplifies pelvic instability.

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How The Higher Health Process Works

1. Problem

The real problem is not your symptoms; it’s how those symptoms are affecting your life. Our focus is on the impact that subluxation and your symptoms are having on your daily life, what they’re preventing you from doing, and who they’re preventing you from being.

2. Goal

Our shared goal is to guide you towards optimal health and well-being, ensuring you not only get relief from immediate symptoms but also regain the ability to carry out essential tasks and eventually return to the activities you love. It’s about reclaiming your life so you can embrace your God-given potential.

3. Path

Our chiropractic care serves as a navigational tool, guiding you through your journey from where you are today – experiencing discomfort, limitations, and frustration – to where you want to go – a life free from pain, where you can engage in your daily activities and pursue your passions.

4. Plan

The plan we create together is a reflection of our dedication to your health journey. It will be straightforward and aligned with your goals, ensuring a clear and direct path to wellness. With our dedication and your commitment the potential to thrive is limitless.

Our doctors are certified in Webster Technique for safe and effective care throughout pregnancy

Growing baby and increased fetal movement creates expansion of the lower rib cage which can be aggravating to mid back joints that connect to the ribs. Modified pressure through shoulders to offset change in center of gravity causing loss of cervical curve can lead to headaches. Pelvic misalignment, if left uncorrected, alters pelvic opening and soft tissue which supports the uterus. Sacral subluxation disrupts the pelvic region which may contribute to dystocia (difficult labor). Add these up and you have a joyful season that can quickly become uncomfortable.

Read Our Online Reviews

Started coming here from a recommendation from my OBGYN for rib and side pain during my pregnancy. Ladies at the front desk are so welcoming and sincere and make me feel completely comfortable. Their scheduling app is so easy to make changes to my appointments. And every doctor I have seen (I've seen 4 since coming) has been fantastic, knowledgeable, and friendly! They have specialized pillows for my growing pregnant belly that are comfortable and each appointment is quick and thorough with no twisting/popping/cracking.

Julie K.Patient

I've been going to Higher Health for over 6 years now and have had great results. When I started going, I had been in a bad car accident, and my neck was all messed up, and I was having horrible migraines and headaches on a weekly basis. I also fractured my back in 2012 and have had back pain ever since. I can say after a year of consistent care, my migraine, headache, and back pain all were gone. I saw them all through my pregnancy, and now my baby girl sees them also, which has helped her be able to rotate her head to both sides evenly. I highly recommend them. They feel like family now and know they care for our little family's well-being.

Madelyn A.Patient

My family and I have been seeing the excellent chiropractors at Higher Health for the past 5 years. Prior to starting our care, my husband and I had a lot of back, arm, and hand pain due to the physical demands of us as dentists. They use the Torque Release Technique, explaining the science behind their treatment and how it differs from other chiropractic care. They provided care during my pregnancy, which helped me comfortably continue to work through my entire pregnancy. I have had tremendous improvement in my health and wellbeing over the past few years. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend Higher Health Chiropractic.

Cassandra C.Patient

I have struggled with heart palpations, headaches, and pain in my neck since my last pregnancy (almost 4 years ago.) My primary care doctor was never able to diagnose me. In the last 8 months since I have been going to HHC, my symptoms have decreased to where I mostly feel normal. The staff is welcoming and friendly.

Melanie F.Patient

Everyone was very friendly and helpful! They made me feel very comfortable during my first visit, getting scans and an initial adjustment. I'm excited to have this care during and after my pregnancy! I used to come here years ago but had to stop when we moved away. I'm so thankful to be back!

Brittni C.Patient

I'm SO grateful as a skeptical RN, learning about the importance of Chiro care and how our spine is connected to everything - HHC is so great at educating patients before committing to a care plan! It all clicked when I actually took time to listen and understand! Our family has loved Higher Health for 5 years; it's been a great help, especially during pregnancy, after, and for our child, who has hardly been sick in 3 years of life! We are so grateful for preventative care like this!

Megan D.Patient
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What is possible with Chiropractic Care during pregnancy?

  • Maintain healthier pregnancy Control symptoms of nausea
  • Encourages optimal fetal position through proper pelvic alignment
  • Reduced pelvic and round ligament discomfort
  • Pelvic alignment & balance Reduction in preeclampsia Reduce labor times
  • Reduces likelihood of Cesarean Reduced instances of dystocia
  • Reduce need for pain medication
  • Less incidence of postpartum depression
  • Promotes optimal fetal positioning Supports natural labor and delivery
  • More comfort while breastfeeding Greater production of breastmilk Less back, neck and joint pain Less back labor

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