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Meet Dr. Katie DeMeester

Dr. Katie DeMeester, Chiropractor At Higher Health Chiropractic in Wyoming, MI

She has received additional chiropractic training in pediatric and pregnancy care and loves taking care of kids and pregnant mothers! Dr. Katie is thrilled to be at Higher Health serving such a wonderful community through the power and wonder of chiropractic care.

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Dr. Katie DeMeester

Dr. Katie grew up in beautiful Niwot, Colorado. Before chiropractic school, she played basketball at Montana State University and then volleyball and basketball at Colorado Christian University. She graduated from CCU with a degree in biology and then magna cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West. She was introduced to chiropractic as a teenager when severe mid-back pain kept her from doing the sports she loved. Chiropractic not only helped her pain but helped her stay a healthy athlete.