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Dr. Kowalke’s mission is to help people reach their full, God-given health potential. He specializes in the world renowned Torque Release Technique, which is a truly up-to-date, vitalistic approach to chiropractic. Dr. Kowalke has extensive studies in health research and also specializes in pregnancy and pediatric development. The word doctor  translates as teacher; and that is exactly where his heart is. His passion is to educate and care for as many people as possible so they may live a healthy, happy, drug-free life! Read more:

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About the Office

officeHigher Health Chiropractic provides very specific care and attention through state-of-the-art technology and premier office amenities. Dr. Erik and the staff at Higher Health truly have a heart to serve others by helping you get back to the things you enjoy most in life! Whether that is participating in sports, playing with your children, or getting back to your golf game: Our mission is to provide chiropractic care that is affordable for the whole family. It is our goal that every person in the Greater Grand Rapids area reaches their God-given health potential. Read more