Meet the Holland Team


Chiropractic Assistant: Kevelin Hernandez

Being a part of the HHC Holland team, I get to do the two things I love most. Everyday I get to teach and serve people in my community. The most rewarding part is getting to see them find hope and start their journey towards healing naturally from the inside-out. 

My Chiropractic Story: Before I was introduced to Principled Chiropractic care I considered myself to be very healthy. I knew about the obvious ways to stay healthy and take care of my body. However, when I was blessed to become a part of the HHC team in Holland I was also blessed with the knowledge of how the human body works and how Principled Chiropractic care helps our bodies to function and heal from the inside-out the way God designed it to.  Since I’ve started care I’ve been learning more about ways I can improve my health with all the little things I do day to day. I’m excited to continue to experience the benefits of being under chiropractic care.