Meet the Walker Team


Office Manager: Karen Seiter

I am so excited to be able to help my husband serve this community with principled chiropractic care.  The message that we are bringing to our community is one of hope and healing, trusting first the body’s amazing ability to heal and function on its own.

My Chiropractic Story:  I have been under regular chiropractic care for over 12 years, and since starting care so many years ago I have experienced amazing results.  I am a mother to five little girls, and received regular chiropractic care throughout all of my pregnancies – all of which were delivered naturally, with no drugs or surgery.  Our daughters have all be under care since hours after birth, and they continue to have optimal health. Our family has been so blessed by chiropractic throughout the years, and we look forward to your family experiencing improved health as well!


Chiropractic Assistant Professional: Olivia

Olivia lives and grew up in Grand Rapids. She has completed two years at Muskegon Community College, and is now focusing on her role as a chiropractic assistant.  Her hobbies include graphic design, reading, kayaking, rollerblading, and playing the violin.  She is looking forward to encouraging others to seek out principled, neurologically-based chiropractic care!